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Frequently asked questions

What is the electrolyte acceptable minimum level? What to do if the electrolyte level is too low?
•    The electrolyte level above the upper edge of the plates should be within 18 to 45 mm (depending on the battery model). The electrolyte acceptable minimum level is 10 mm. Remember that when the electrolyte level decreases during operation, you should add only distilled water and not electrolyte to the battery.

What is the required electrolyte density?
•    Electrolyte density should be within (1.27÷1.30) g/cm3 at 25˚С. At electrolyte densities below 1.26 g/cm3 at 25˚С, the battery requires charging.

My battery marking is 6X71D09UC, what does it mean? How to determine the battery manufacturing date?
•    The marking 6X71D09UC is applied for production logistics purposes and is not meaningful for the battery owner. The manufacturing date is printed on the top part of the cap, consists of 6 numbers and one letter, and is deciphered as follows: the first two numbers are the month, the second group of numbers is the year, and the third is the date of manufacturing, the letter stands for shift cypher. E.G. marking 01 15 02 Т means January 2, 2015. More details concerning places of marking are available at our website: AKOM battery marking

Your website says that the battery warranty period is 3 years, but the seller set only 1 year warranty. Did he make a mistake?
•    The warranty period for AKOM CJSC batteries is 12 to 48 months with mileage not exceeding 50,000–100,000 km (depending on the battery model); this information is provided both on the battery label and in the operating manual.
Please be aware that the warranty period for all AKOM CJSC batteries starts from the manufacturing date. Please also pay attention to Clause 6.2 of the operating manual stating the cases when claims are rejected.
In your case, the seller was wrong. According to Article 5 of the RF Law “On Consumer Rights Protection,” the warranty period is the period during which, in case of determining defects in goods, the manufacturer (contractor, seller, authorized institution or authorized individual entrepreneur, importer) are obliged to satisfy the requirements of the consumer established by Articles 18 and 29 of the Law “On Consumer Rights Protection.” Therefore, the seller had no right to decrease the warranty period provided by the manufacturer.
Warranty obligations are fulfilled in any RF region, upon a claim addressed to the authorized agent. In case of a manufacturing defect in the battery you purchased, the warranty obligations will be performed in full scope.

I have a question concerning charging of the battery.
•    Please see the battery charging instructions on our website: battery recharge

The car was outside all night, the weather was frosty. In the morning I was unable to start the engine. I removed the battery and found out that the electrolyte was frozen. Why did his happen? What am I supposed to do with the battery now?
•    If the electrolyte was frozen in all cells simultaneously, the battery has to be placed in a room with temperature 25˚С for at least 24 hours, afterwards charge the battery according to the instructions. This is not a warranty case, since electrolyte freezing is a sign of decrease in its density – battery discharge is not a manufacturer’s defect.
•    If the electrolyte was frozen in only one cell of the battery, also warm up the battery for 24 hours and then perform a control charge. If under load the cell that was frozen starts boiling, then it probably has a defect in the form of a short circuit. In that case, the battery can be replaced under warranty.

I bought a new car with your battery in it. Whom should I contact in case I have any problems with it?
•    Since the battery was purchased within the car, all warranty obligations to you are borne by the manufacturer represented by its dealer from whom your car was purchased.
Please study our service manual for battery warranty conditions. If your car is in the warranty period, contact the dealer for battery and automobile diagnostics.